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Firebird SQL  -  Utilities, tips and tricks for Firebird SQL database
     FBFW Connect Control  -  FBFW: Connect control (login firewall) for Firebird 2.1+
     WiseDBImport  -  Database import utility for Firebird
PHP  -  PHP utilities and codes, examples, tricks
     PHP menu  -  Simple PHP menu (this displayed now)
     This homepage  -  A simple PHP generated dynamic homepage
Win utilities  -  Utilities and applications for windows
     FRF2FR3 converter  -  Convert FastReport 2 FRF format to new FastReport3 FR3 format
     None yet  -  none more info...
     None yet  -  none more info...
C/C++ sources  -  C/C++ source codes
     SQL Parser  -  SQL select statement parser and rebuilder
     None yet  -  none more info...
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