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Database import utility for Firebird

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WiseDBImport is a utility for
import (or store) data into a database
by controled, managed and intelligent way.

Now WiseDBImport can insert (or update or delete) datas to a Firebird database from same or another Firebird database.

The goals:
This utility is not only a bulk but dumb insert machine!
It can manipulate target database by fields of source or target database, constants or SQL commands for define data for insert (or update).
You can build commands (rules) by GUI; these commands defines actions and datas in order.
The parameters and commands stored INI format. (Source and target database, used tables, fields, order of these, type of import data retrieve and what these do in target database.)
You can modify texts of commands/rules in INI file with text editor or in the GUI of WiseDBImport then build these with mouse. This two way modification help you for more productivity. (Sometime there are more productivity when modify text against the GUI work.)
It's a very flexible and transformable way of rules; you can use this utility more than I think ;)
You can test import process without really update target database.
You can switch off indexes and/or constraints for more flexibility. If coherency more complicated and constraints prohibit you to do a very complex import it is a great succour.
You can build, test and probe your commands/rules in example databese too. After this job is complete you can post only command's INI file to your clients and execute it in production database.

I had built it through a few week when I was a poblem. A lot of my partner used production databases with old format database structure. My newly made application have got a new, and really enhanced database structure. This was an exercise to import old formated datas from production database to new target database. My application have build a new empty database structure for own and have stored some importent (start) data to database.
... and I developed an universal utility for store datas of production database to new database of my partners to bring into use my new application.
So, it's worked correctly in a lot of systems.

But, no idle words, look:

  • Download
  • Documentation
  • Help file (chm)
  • Because I use Firebird (and love it) I will donate Firebird Fundation with 20 percent of profit of WiseDBImport after cost and tax. (if any :-)

    Sorry, because I can't speak English wery well :-(
    you must wait for real documentation and help file,
    but I'm going to write it soon... pending his arrival...
    start utility and fill pages step by step... click go... hurrah!

    I give you joy of it!

    English is not my native language, please send criticism or correction.

    English is not my native language, please send criticism or correction.